Land survey work is either transferring the ground features onto a plan (topographic survey) or transferring the features from a plan onto the ground (staking/setting out).

Land Surveyors – Our Typical Clients



Accurate topographic work to show even minor changes in level and ground form is essential for mapping ancient site detail.



A wide range of building projects providing accurate base plans both for new build and extension projects as well as carrying out as-built surveys to check the buildings are the correct dimensions.

Surveyors for Hydrologists


Topographic surveys with attention to overland surface flow, open drains, ditches and streams, lake edges, and water levels. Overflow and inflow structures to lakes and ponds, cascades, weirs, bridges. Where dredging works are envisaged estimating depth and extent of silt build-up.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architects

Base plans showing positions and levels of garden features ranging from large sites such as Harlow Town Park to sites only 100m2 such as the back garden of a terraced house.


Landfill Sites

Control of fill quantities/volume calculations.

National Trust and Public Park Survey

National Trust

Small surveys ranging from car park extensions to largescale surveys to improve public access. General park renovation including buildings and entrance gates.

Sports Field Survey

Sports Sector

All aspects of sports field renovation, earth-works to level playing fields, cut and fill quantities, conversion from grass to artificial pitches. We are UKA and World Athletics (formerly known as International Association of Athletics Federations) accredited to carry out certifications of athletics tracks.

Underground Survey

Underground Service

Accurate topographic base plans showing all surface features relating to services for companies carrying out utilities surveys.

Equipment Used

State of the art Leica total stations, GPS rover, and distometer.


LSS for processing raw data and AutoCAD for the final editing of the plan and presentation.


Ballpark estimate for a half-day survey is £400 and a full day survey £750 (plus travel/overnight if more than one day is required). These prices are just a guideline and may increase depending on the size and complexity of the site and the detail required, both of which will add time to the field and office work.

After consulting with the client concerning the specifications and the level of detail required we provide a firm quotation which includes the survey, the presentation of the plan and any elevation drawings required.

Land Survey (Topographic Work)

This can be carried out on any site where it is possible to walk over the ground or through the undergrowth and where there are reasonable site lines.

The survey can be carried out to any specification required although we use our experience to know where more points are needed to represent the ground features accurately.

All plans are to Ordnance Survey coordinates +/- 10mm.

Simple Elevations

Clarke Consultancy does not use a scanner so it only provides simple elevations showing roof ridgelines, eaves, windows, doors, and thresholds. If ornate detail is required, then we would recommend you use a more specialized survey company.

Setting Out

Setting/staking out of pitches, roads, paths or buildings can be done to an accuracy of +/- 5mm.

Why Use Us?

Clarke Consultancy are experienced and trusted land surveyors and underground surveyors with over 30 years' experience operating throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

We provide accurate and reliable survey information for land, engineering, and architectural projects. We offer a friendly, personal service at all times and no job is too big or too small.